Nominations for District Governor 2022-23


Who will be the next District Governor for Rotary District 9560 (formally Districts 9550 and 9570)?  Will it be a member of your Club? Will it be someone you know? Will it be you?


Rotary District 9550 and 9570 are now accepting nominations for District Governor 2022-23.


Nominations require the support of the candidate’s Rotary Club by Board Resolution. Additional information is below. Questions and nominations forms are to be directed to District Governors Ron Degenhart and Michael Buckeridge.

We are asking you to consider nominating for our District Governor for the 2022-23 Rotary year. This position is critical to the success of our new District and to Rotary International. The individual serving in this capacity certainly will have some demands and challenges, but they will also receive incredible training, travel to some great destinations and make lifelong friends from across the country and the world.

To qualify for this role an individual must have completed a term as a club president and be a paid financial member of Rotary.   Additionally, some sort of involvement at the District level is helpful but not necessary.  In order for a nomination to be valid, the candidate’s club needs generate a board resolution placing the person’s name in contention. The attached nomination form then needs to be completed and signed by the club secretary and president. We would ask that all forms be forwarded to Ron Degenhart and Michael Buckeridge by email, so that we can present them to the Nominating Committee.

To nominate we require

  • The completed nomination form
  • A copy of the minutes of the Rotary Club’s meeting endorsing the candidate for District Governor, signed by the President and Secretary of the club
  • A resume addressing not only Rotary but other experience
  • A letter from your partner (if relevant) supporting the application.

The deadline for submitting nominations will be the 7 February 2020 with the Committee conducting interviews on 14 February 2020. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the process

Thanks in advance for your assistance in this process that is so critical to our long-term success.

Contact:       Ron Degenhart  D9550   0406 381 572

Michael Buckeridge D9570     0418 879 260

Ron and Michael
District Governors 9550 and 9570

Download District Governor  2022-2023 Nomination Form